About the joy of the Gucci Garden Capsule Collection

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I have never understood nomenclature in chemistry, and never will I understand the number of collections  per brand that come out within the year. 
How many capsule collections is a brand expected to birth per season?
Is the cruise collection before or after pre-fall?
Is pre-fall not just fall?
I can’t precisely answer these questions, all I know is that I can’t buy anything because everything costs so so much and I need to buy food.  The fact remains that for Gucci, ever since Alessandro Micheles arrival, I always yarn and long every item.
A few weeks ago I spent 12 minutes of my life staring at a photo of a Gucci display window, because it was adorned with pink wallpaper and painted swans
Could a more beautiful wall exist?
Frankly, I think not.
A little while ago the new capsule collection was released, and it involved a new version of the classic ‘flora & Fauna’ print.
It contains flowers, red and blue birds, snakes, carnations, roses and stars.
Speaking of the flowers, Alessandro spoke the following great truth:
I consider myself an animist. I have a great interest in the world of nature, a passion that I think transpires in my collections.
The flowers, for example, are for me the representation of the power of beauty.
I love him, and I want every piece in that collection, because those flowery prints are the kinda things that turn my brain to mush, much like dinosaurs, pineapples, flamingos and banana prints. 







Pleated golden skirt to say yes to simplicity

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I’m always late when it comes to fashion trends, generally with those three months of chronic delay where I have to decide whether or not I like that something that gets classified as a season must have. 
Take golden pleated skirts for example. They’re all over Pinterest, bloggers have been sporting them for months and almost every fashion house came out with one: form Gucci to Lowe  up to Jcrew.
I saw them on the catwalks, I saw them in magazines, and yet when a friend suggested that I’d get one I was still like meh I’m not sure I like them. It wasn’t until I saw it in person that it clicked that I needed one. 
After seeing them in eighty different look I came to the conclusion that metallic golden pleated midi skirts -could I make the name any longer?- are a good idea
But how do we justify this heinous idea?
1. I could wear it with a black turtleneck sweater and granny-like velvet slip on and be ready for a new Years concert in Vienna.  
2. I’d look like a rich Russian, but without the blonde hair and long legs.
3. Alexa Chung has it.
4.Christmas makes me irrational.
5.Topshop sells it and it’s relatively cheap, so it’s doable. 
6. You could technically dress it down…


gonna plissettata metallica


The only picture of me I could find wearing that skirt..