Kenzo x H&M: Fear, photos and prices



Marni and a few others aside, the bottom line is that in the various collaborations of H&M and X famous fashion designer has never shone for value, appeal and beauty.

Of course, they have never reached the heights of the unrivalled, unparalleled, incomparable ugliness that is the collaboration between Kenzo and H&M will be in stores from November 3. 

I have only ever felt such confusion steeped in disgust in front of anything ever produced by Vetements, which, along with it’s ongoing sales, continues to be, together with antimatter, one of the worlds many universal mysteries. 

But, by the same principle with which I watch in horror TLC’s Buried Alive, I decided to further investigate the collection.

But first some pictures from the horrifying look book.


If I owned this I would be ashamed of even donating it to Oxfam.


She’s even wearing slippers ! – Skirt € 99.


Her face says it all. Bomber € 129


Exquisite and understated faux fur with which to go to Lidl to buy courgettes – € 179


Tiger pretend dress. 149 euro


Bag of unparalleled ugliness 49,99 EUR


Sweatshirt to confuse the enemy 79,99 EUR

Trend: Avocado and Pineapples on tees and skirt (and pretty much everything else)

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I love prints. One of my favorite fashion moment was when Dolce & Gabbana unveiled those beautiful 1950s inspired dresses covered in an eggplant print and when Stella McCartney followed suit, but with lemons. 
Such madness, but such beauty depicted within those eggplants. 
Then came the palm trees, the jungle and leafs in general. 
Foliage everywhere: pants, suits, tank tops, phone covers, skirts and even socks. Basically we were camouflaged like Rambo in Vietnam for a young English colonialist vacationing in Laos
Instead, this year it is appropiate to wear the preferred fashion food of all the fashion bloggers on Instagram: avocado, pineapple and semi-peeled bananas. 
Do not ask me for the logic or the meaning of this iconography, I can report fashion trends but I am not able to comprehend the twisted reasons and motivations that lie behind the pervese mechanism of fashion. 
But we can all agree that pineapples and avocados are quite cute, I mean, maybe by 2018 radishes will be fashionable, so let’s not complain. 

The Jeffrey Campbell “Bitsies” also known as granny shoes

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David Bowie and Alan Rickman in the same month are too much even for me.
Now, should these leap-year induced astrological conjunctions subside, soon the levels of endorphins in my brain will return to normal and  I’ll go back and write something about the Golden Globes.
Meanwhile, to lift the spirits, I thought it was appropriate to do something sensible: look at pretty shoes.
Had this been an archeology-based blog we could have discussed the typological seriation of these shoes that Pinterest defines as flat block heels and that I, very trivially, would refer to as granny shoes.
If instead you’d rather read the fashion description it would go back to the Ferragamos Varas, a copy of Celines latest model or a Tango version with no strap and low heel.
Even after changing the various parts of this shoe, the result doesn’t change: granny shoes.
To me, despite the dangers and risks, they seem beautiful.
Because I don’t have the finances for the original Varas or Celines, since I have rent to pay, I also appreciate the Zara and Jeffrey Campbells versions: the model is known as Bitsie.





Star Wars: “The Force Awakens”, Etsy shopping and BB8 Gadgets

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As noted by everyone who lives on this planet(or any other galaxy, we don’t do discrimination here on Mars) and is in possession of an internet connection or an owl who delivers letters from the outside world, the 16th of December 2015 marked the release of a new chapter in the saga: The force awakens. 
At the beginning of September #ForceFriday happened, when all the merchandising concerning the force awakens (toys, lightsabers, gadgets, books on the journey to The Force Awakens) landed in shops and Disney Stores all around the world.
I have little interest in the official merchandising, though this hype led me to Etsy, where I found super cool Star Wars things clearly essential for the continuation of my existence, things such as: books, prints (I looove prints), cookie cutters, blankets and stickers. 
They even sell doormats.
Do I need to say more?
I do not take responsibility for the inevitable heart failure fans of the series will have once they type the magic word on Etsy, or when they’ll browse the Urban Outfitters website and see those amazing t-shirts. 
On the actual movie, for now, I’m not going to write anything, because many might not have seen it yet and it would be impossible not to spoil it.  One thing I can say is: even if you’re not a huge fan, Star Wars is still epic. Another sure thing is that I would buy all of the BB8 gadgets.
BB8 Robot
The coolest, it literally does anything.
Controlled through an application for smartphones, it is also able to explore the surrounding areas with autonomy. It can record holographic videos. I don’t need to say anything else. 
Cookie Cutter






How to dress (and not to dress) during Christmas

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Raise your hand if you’ve resisted the temptation to buy one of those sober acrylic-mixed-wool itchy Christmas jumpers form the H&M holiday collection featuring Katy Perrys Christmas elves and full of sequins and sparkles that will be lost in the complex abyss of our washing machines.
I bought a black one with glittery mistletoe and a grey one hashtagged Elfie selfie…and I’m even full of regret for not getting the LED light up reindeer one. One of the two that I did buy is nominated for Christmas dinner, the other one for the couch while I watch Nightmare before Christmas. 
Ugly Christmas jumper party time
For the Christmas outfit matter I only have three rules and a bit of random Pinterest inspiration that highlights my love for black, lace, tartan, sparkly things and gold. 
♠ I’d say no to wearing jeans on Christmas, unless you’re thirteen and used to walking your dog round the neighbourhood with One Direction playing in your extra big headphones. But maybe not even then, since thirteen year olds these day dress (and look) like they’re in their forties and I’m here wondering if as a result they’ll reach menopause early. 
♠ Avoid wearing every gift received. The problem is that some people wear everything together, appearing to dinner as a multilayer clothes hanger featuring random pieces here and there and causing great injustice for not featuring the new pajama courtesy of -insert random relative-. 
♠ Finding that middle ground between nun-like and affreux-laide (from Wikipedia: the name of Laide, lady of Corinth, famous for her beauty, her vices and her high rates). And here we’re talking length of skirt, neckline and overexposure of the abdominal-lumbosacral area. Choose one and only one.