METALLIC SLIP DRESS: Also known as leaving the house wearing a pink astronaut inspired night gown


I more often than not leave the house dressed in total black, but due to an aesthetic bipolarity or an incomprehensible law of retaliation I always then regret it and wish to be covered with pink, glittery, gleaming shiny stuff.

I would also like one of those beautiful rhinestones covered vintage inspired makeups that can be seen on Tumblr or Pinterest – but not those nasty things to make up tutorial – and stroll around with a pleated pink top covered in glitter from head to toe like a fairy in a Wes Anderson film.

Basically, sometimes I want to be as shiny as Rihanna the she sings Shine Bright Like A Diamond.

And so I sit in religious silence, nodding my head in quiet approval of this trend while eating Tiger candy.

It all started three years ago with Burberry, then there was Saint Laurent and then came Gucci, but I like to believe this is all thanks to the 80’s and Ziggy Stardust.







About the joy of the Gucci Garden Capsule Collection

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I have never understood nomenclature in chemistry, and never will I understand the number of collections  per brand that come out within the year. 
How many capsule collections is a brand expected to birth per season?
Is the cruise collection before or after pre-fall?
Is pre-fall not just fall?
I can’t precisely answer these questions, all I know is that I can’t buy anything because everything costs so so much and I need to buy food.  The fact remains that for Gucci, ever since Alessandro Micheles arrival, I always yarn and long every item.
A few weeks ago I spent 12 minutes of my life staring at a photo of a Gucci display window, because it was adorned with pink wallpaper and painted swans
Could a more beautiful wall exist?
Frankly, I think not.
A little while ago the new capsule collection was released, and it involved a new version of the classic ‘flora & Fauna’ print.
It contains flowers, red and blue birds, snakes, carnations, roses and stars.
Speaking of the flowers, Alessandro spoke the following great truth:
I consider myself an animist. I have a great interest in the world of nature, a passion that I think transpires in my collections.
The flowers, for example, are for me the representation of the power of beauty.
I love him, and I want every piece in that collection, because those flowery prints are the kinda things that turn my brain to mush, much like dinosaurs, pineapples, flamingos and banana prints. 







Trend: Avocado and Pineapples on tees and skirt (and pretty much everything else)

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I love prints. One of my favorite fashion moment was when Dolce & Gabbana unveiled those beautiful 1950s inspired dresses covered in an eggplant print and when Stella McCartney followed suit, but with lemons. 
Such madness, but such beauty depicted within those eggplants. 
Then came the palm trees, the jungle and leafs in general. 
Foliage everywhere: pants, suits, tank tops, phone covers, skirts and even socks. Basically we were camouflaged like Rambo in Vietnam for a young English colonialist vacationing in Laos
Instead, this year it is appropiate to wear the preferred fashion food of all the fashion bloggers on Instagram: avocado, pineapple and semi-peeled bananas. 
Do not ask me for the logic or the meaning of this iconography, I can report fashion trends but I am not able to comprehend the twisted reasons and motivations that lie behind the pervese mechanism of fashion. 
But we can all agree that pineapples and avocados are quite cute, I mean, maybe by 2018 radishes will be fashionable, so let’s not complain. 


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It is omnipresent in every 90s teen show.
During those years no one was immune to it. 
I’m talking about bodysuits.
Everyone had it. 
Everyone wore it with light washed high waisted jeans aka Brenda Walsh in 90210.
branda walsh.jpg
The fact that it was an item of clothing that looked alright on very few people didn’t seem to matter very much – in testimony of the fact that to this day we go around -unpunished- wearing things such as flared cropped pants proves how little importance we give to the ‘fit’ of the trend. 
But now bodysuits have returned to infest street style photos and outfits, and has reappeared on the shelves of Zara &Company.
Either way, I’m weak minded and therefore I love this trend. Here I leave blonde warnings for the safe use of this trend, in memory of 1994 fashion. 
★ Pay attention to the size, especially to the lenght
The bodysuit can become an amiable sharp knife in the private regions after a couple hours of wear and will make you as hysterical as a nicotine addict left without cigarettes. 
It also tends to slip between the cheeks, let this be a warning. 
★Think twice about what to pair it with.
Sometimes they come with nasty uncomfortable clippy buttons to close them (I’m sure they have a specific name, I’m too lazy to google what is).  These buttons are the devil and if you happen to be in a ‘social’ situation were you are required to swiftly and smoothly remove the above mentioned bodysuit doing so may require more effort than you’d expect. 
Also, side note: apparently men find these clippy bodysuits ‘creepy’, probably cause associated with something a baby would sport. 
Overall though I actually do like bodysuits. They’re not the most comfortable things in the world to wear but they do look good and are easy to pair. They also double as going out outfits so that’s a plus. 
Where to find them?
From mother Zara or Asos where you can virtually find everything. And Topshop has the best ones in terms of fit. I own two and I’ve worn them so many times since I got them. 

white body

white bodysuit kendall

white bdoy cap

white bodysuit

wblack body


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One of 2016s numerous trends that is setting roots in every field of fashion has undoubtedly the plum shape, the thorny determination and the indolence of the cactus
I’ll start by saying that they’re among my favourite plants because they require almost no care and give satisfaction to even to those who possess a rotten thumb like me.
I mean:
▪ totally disregarding sunlight, you decide to place your cactus in the corner of your room purely because it looks aesthetically pleasing with the rest of your knick-knacks? The cactus will survive.  
▪ you go away for 15 days? The cactus will survive.
▪ you forget about it’s existence? The cactus will survive. 
▪ you throw it in a dark box filled with clutter for a whopping three months? The cactus will survive.


But let’s get back to the trend that spreading the cactus love everywhere.
 At the Milan Design Week they were seen everywhere and on every surface: fabrics, pillows, curtains, upholstery and in various sculptures, shapes and forms.
At Coachella the cactus print was an epidemic. 
We keep seeing them in street style shoots, sported on sweaters, handbags and themed accessories.
A few names responsible for planting the trend: Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, markus Lupfer, Asos, H&M.

cactus t-shirt

cactus bra

phone coer