Strange places to stay at: Glamping on lake Bled in Slovenia

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I went camping in a random forest with a few friends a few weeks ago, and unintentionally got away with doing absolutely nothing but sit and watch while the others set up the fire/tents/cooked and all that good stuff. I hadn’t been camping in a really long time and I loved it!
But here on Life on Mars I rarely focus on the positives, so here we go with a bit of complaining. When I think about camping I think of the worst things that can happen to a human being: sitting on the hard ground, being forced to sleep on it, frosty moist dampness, that nasty condensation inside the tent, sleeping bags, water infiltrations, all topped with the inconvenience of an 18th century Europe public restroom. 
Perhaps the various family  camping trips in desolated camping sites I went on as a child left a permanent mark on my psyche, but the truth is that there are lots of beautiful campsites that don’t resemble a camp of Persian soldiers at the gates of Thermopylae.
The night I came home from my recent camping experience, I went on Pinterest and saw the most beautiful camping site I have ever seen.
The camping site in question is located in Slovenia on Lake Bled which is a wonderful alpine lake that has all the characteristics of magical land: a small island with a fascinating legend, a lady, a castle, and a slice custard cake as a welcoming treat. 
Right next to the banks of the lake there is a beautiful camping site that Slovenians have called Glamping, and that is made up of two different types of wooden chalets: small apartments or single houses with a sloped roof that resemble actual tents. Both solutions have glass walls all round  that overlook both the lake and the forest of sleeping while literally being immersed in nature but in total comfort. 
The entire campground is based on an ecological philosophy of being fully environmentally sustainable. The chalets are built using local larch wood, thermally insulated and heated so they’re available to stay in all year round.  







What I’m watching on Netflix: Making a murderer and other documentaries

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The title says it all. 
I’ll get straight to the point and tell you what I’ve been watching this past week, while I was enclosed in the cocoon of my duvet under the effects of Lemsip. 
They’re seriously cool on Netflix. No lions in the Savannah, No templar conspiracies, no random crap, just serious stuff. 
Hot Girls Wanted
I hate the porn industry, not because I’m a feminist or whatever, but because I’ve read various interviews of ex porn stars who essentially denounced those who were real cases of abuse.  In a day of pure boredom I stumbled across a series of articles that left me in shock. I saw this famous documentary  about the amateur porn industry in Miami and, as expected, it painted a sad, degrading and disheartening picture for these girls.  In the end I wanted to bring them all back to their homes and families.
hot girl wanted netflix life on mars
Making a murderer 
Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s upset, because this isn’t a tv, it isn’t fiction, but a documentary to denounce real life events, a sort of last hope for the family of Steven Avery, the man accused of and unjustly jailed for 18 years for a sexual assault he did not commit and whose legal ups and downs are, unfortunately, far from being over. In fact, for the Avery family, this is probably the last bit of hope to denounce the facts and to regain at least a little bit of legal and social redemption. It’s not a good or bad documentary, but it is worth watching. The end.

Making-a-Murderer-netflix life on mars


Whoever chose the new Pantone 2016 colour of the year is certainly pregnant

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This is the first thought I had when I found myself face to face with the official Pantone page and it’s new colour ideas for the year. 
“Like every year, I find myself faced with the dramatic issue of Pantone & the Chosen One, the pre-selected shit colour of the year.” – Me, last year.
This new colour trend is clearly the idea of a woman of childbearing age, under advanced hormonal phase, pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl; or else she might still be unaware of the gender of the babies and, so as not to hurt anyones feelings, decided to choose not one, but two colours for 2016. 
Obviously these are the baby colours that will send all the fashionista psycho-mothers into fits of awe and contentment as they’ll be able to coordinate their outfits to their babys overalls: Rose Quartz and Serenity and all of the shades that come form the fusion of these two (shit) colours.
And as much as I complained about last years Pantone choice – Marsala – even THAT was better than these two shades. 






Star Wars: “The Force Awakens”, Etsy shopping and BB8 Gadgets

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As noted by everyone who lives on this planet(or any other galaxy, we don’t do discrimination here on Mars) and is in possession of an internet connection or an owl who delivers letters from the outside world, the 16th of December 2015 marked the release of a new chapter in the saga: The force awakens. 
At the beginning of September #ForceFriday happened, when all the merchandising concerning the force awakens (toys, lightsabers, gadgets, books on the journey to The Force Awakens) landed in shops and Disney Stores all around the world.
I have little interest in the official merchandising, though this hype led me to Etsy, where I found super cool Star Wars things clearly essential for the continuation of my existence, things such as: books, prints (I looove prints), cookie cutters, blankets and stickers. 
They even sell doormats.
Do I need to say more?
I do not take responsibility for the inevitable heart failure fans of the series will have once they type the magic word on Etsy, or when they’ll browse the Urban Outfitters website and see those amazing t-shirts. 
On the actual movie, for now, I’m not going to write anything, because many might not have seen it yet and it would be impossible not to spoil it.  One thing I can say is: even if you’re not a huge fan, Star Wars is still epic. Another sure thing is that I would buy all of the BB8 gadgets.
BB8 Robot
The coolest, it literally does anything.
Controlled through an application for smartphones, it is also able to explore the surrounding areas with autonomy. It can record holographic videos. I don’t need to say anything else. 
Cookie Cutter






Mozart in the Jungle, Sky Arts and stereotypes to discredit

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A mythical aura of aristocratic elegance hovers over classical music, kinda like with ballet. 
Saying you have the ability to play the piano or the violin will instantly portray you as a noble baron, with spindly phalanges, an intellectual mind, decadent soul and sophisticated tastes. 
People will picture you in your old family villa, wearing a burgundy brocade robe, tousled hair and  a Great Dane albino at your side as you play the Goldberg Variations of Bach while pondering over your unrequited love. 
Those of more adventurous thought and imagination might go as far as picturing you fox hunting
No excesses.
No transgressions.
A total boredom, basically.
The fact that this cliche has very little foundation is a known fact. In short, if you were to encounter a brave young man who claims the ability to play the violin it will not automatically ensure him with a noble title and a composition dedicated to you, but most likely you’ll have met a normal guy that thinks about sex, has compromising pictures on his WhatsApp and navigates Instagram using the #bikinibody.
On this same principle Mozart in the Jungle was born, inspired by the book series by the oboist Blair Tindell, Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical music
Because “What happens behind the scenes of the Symphony can be just as appealing as what happens on stage.”
Essentially it’s the classical music as no one expects it, because along with the tests and hard work of those who want to work in that environment, there’s also the need for them to unwind and relax even just for a moment. 
The story is told through the use of classical music pieces that is unlikely to be generally used in a TV series, making the show original even from a soundtrack point of view.