Strange places to stay at: Glamping on lake Bled in Slovenia

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I went camping in a random forest with a few friends a few weeks ago, and unintentionally got away with doing absolutely nothing but sit and watch while the others set up the fire/tents/cooked and all that good stuff. I hadn’t been camping in a really long time and I loved it!
But here on Life on Mars I rarely focus on the positives, so here we go with a bit of complaining. When I think about camping I think of the worst things that can happen to a human being: sitting on the hard ground, being forced to sleep on it, frosty moist dampness, that nasty condensation inside the tent, sleeping bags, water infiltrations, all topped with the inconvenience of an 18th century Europe public restroom. 
Perhaps the various family  camping trips in desolated camping sites I went on as a child left a permanent mark on my psyche, but the truth is that there are lots of beautiful campsites that don’t resemble a camp of Persian soldiers at the gates of Thermopylae.
The night I came home from my recent camping experience, I went on Pinterest and saw the most beautiful camping site I have ever seen.
The camping site in question is located in Slovenia on Lake Bled which is a wonderful alpine lake that has all the characteristics of magical land: a small island with a fascinating legend, a lady, a castle, and a slice custard cake as a welcoming treat. 
Right next to the banks of the lake there is a beautiful camping site that Slovenians have called Glamping, and that is made up of two different types of wooden chalets: small apartments or single houses with a sloped roof that resemble actual tents. Both solutions have glass walls all round  that overlook both the lake and the forest of sleeping while literally being immersed in nature but in total comfort. 
The entire campground is based on an ecological philosophy of being fully environmentally sustainable. The chalets are built using local larch wood, thermally insulated and heated so they’re available to stay in all year round.  







The secret of happiness: learn from the misfortunes of unlucky artists and misunderstood geniuses

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A couple of days ago I was in the library and in the throes of total boredom I began to think of all those artists and personalities recognised as such only after they had passed away.
I started to empathize with the distress and despair of a human being whose life was entirely spent in a dedication of thoughts, words, actions and omissions that were not taken the least into consideration. Then that human died and on their tomb they engraved the words because I’m worth it.
Galileo Galilei could have spent his life enjoying the tuscan scenery, sipping red wine and eating millet porridge. But instead he went to the trouble of discovering things such as the Ganymede, the weight of the air and the isochronism of pendulum swings. Rather than being awarded one thousand cherry points he was suspected of heresy, accused of subversion, sentenced to jail and forced to renege his ideas. Today every encyclopedia defines him as the father of modern science. So much for leading a happy life huh
galileo life on Mars 1.jpg
Vincent Van Gogh could have bought himself a box of crayons and a colouring book and ended it there. But no, he let himself get carried away by an obsessive compulsive art therapy which consisted of 900 paintings and more than a thousand doodles no one gave a fuck about.  All topped off with: being named after his dead older brother, Protestant pastor father, voluntary burning of his own hand after his cousin refused his courtship, co-habitation with a thirty year old prostitute who also happened to be an alcoholic and scarred by smallpox, and from whom he got gonorrhoea. He was also affected by bipolar disorders, severed ears, schizophrenia, alcoholism, and various other troubles which ended with his death by fire arm when he was only 37 years old. Suicide was and remains the most likely of hypothesis, but maybe not. Today Van Gogh is recognised as one of the greatest painters in history and his paintings are amongst the most expensive in the world. Talk about enjoying life eh.

Van gogh gif.gif

Antonio Vivaldi could have continued playing the violin, practice that worked well, brought him great honours and enough money to buy all the wigs his heart desired. Instead he went ahead and produced more than 800 compositions which were, at the time, mildly successful but were soon forgotten like a measly pair of hairy Birkenstocks. So he decided to abandon the quiet and peaceful Venice of those times, to embark on a search for fame and coins in Vienna, but, just as it always happens in the worst games of Monopoly, he had to miss a turn: War of the Austrian Succession, crisis, closure of all theatres, depression, intestinal infection, death. So ignored by the world that the house in which he died is now a Hotel with the name of a cake. His biography is one of the most inaccurate of all time, because before the 20th Century he remained unknown and unappreciated by the general public. Today, Vivaldi is considered one of the greatest composers of the Baroque Era, his “Spring” Composition remained for years a hit within the call centres of the world, they named a crater on Mercury after him and his “Four Seasons” are remembered every time we decide which pizza to order. Talk about appreciating his talent. 

Vivaldi life on Mars.jpg

Also big shout out to Nietzsche, Baudelaire, Edgar Allan Poe ect. So I can’t help but wonder if it’s actually worth the pain to do great things while having a 50% chance that no one will appreciate and suffer the humiliation of not being understood by your fellow era mates. And if we then add Saturn and the planets working against us, with the probability rate of failure shooting up to 80%, is it really worth ruining our mood in an endless quest to change the history of mankind? 
Why become unhappy trying to change the history of the world when we can become happy by changing the story of our lives? How many times do we feel wrong? We have to forget about expectations and anxiety, we shouldn’t live to make others happy, but to make ourselves happy, so free your inspiration, do what you like when you like it, but above all do what you please without fear of being judged.
As long as it’s legal of course; P
Galileo Life on Mars

Wise words Galileo, wise words.


What I’m watching on Netflix: Making a murderer and other documentaries

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The title says it all. 
I’ll get straight to the point and tell you what I’ve been watching this past week, while I was enclosed in the cocoon of my duvet under the effects of Lemsip. 
They’re seriously cool on Netflix. No lions in the Savannah, No templar conspiracies, no random crap, just serious stuff. 
Hot Girls Wanted
I hate the porn industry, not because I’m a feminist or whatever, but because I’ve read various interviews of ex porn stars who essentially denounced those who were real cases of abuse.  In a day of pure boredom I stumbled across a series of articles that left me in shock. I saw this famous documentary  about the amateur porn industry in Miami and, as expected, it painted a sad, degrading and disheartening picture for these girls.  In the end I wanted to bring them all back to their homes and families.
hot girl wanted netflix life on mars
Making a murderer 
Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s upset, because this isn’t a tv, it isn’t fiction, but a documentary to denounce real life events, a sort of last hope for the family of Steven Avery, the man accused of and unjustly jailed for 18 years for a sexual assault he did not commit and whose legal ups and downs are, unfortunately, far from being over. In fact, for the Avery family, this is probably the last bit of hope to denounce the facts and to regain at least a little bit of legal and social redemption. It’s not a good or bad documentary, but it is worth watching. The end.

Making-a-Murderer-netflix life on mars


10 roommates you would never want to live with

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Deceived by post-adolescent utopian expectations of a life of recklessness, free from family ties, and spent ordering pizza at 3 a.m., the reoccurring dream of us all was to move out.
Whenever I hear people (college students) saying they want to move out of their home I’m always like “No! You’ve no idea how good you have it!”
To consolidate the dream as quickly as possible many students underestimate a vital fundamental aspect: The roommate. To be fair, roommates are a very important part of that whole young adult experience. From the college dorm room, to moving in with your bestie to cut the cost of living, to the desperate act of rooming with a stranger and hoping it doesn’t end with your body being dumped in a ditch, roommates are an important life checkpoint. Sometimes, having a roommate is wonderful; you’ve got someone to talk with, to hang out with, and who makes your shared apartment a home. Other times, your roommate makes you legitimately question whether or not you are capable of murder. The roommate from hell will make your life awful and you won’t be able to wait for the day they are gone. You’ll talk to your friends and tell them stories about how terrible and weird your roommate is. 
As someone who has experienced a great deal of the latter, I have gained some wisdom that I hope to pass down unto you today.  Here’s a list of roommates to avoid like the bubonic plague.
The Smoker
Whether you choose your roommate or he choose you, this detail will definitely cause animosity between the parties: ”I AM A SMOKER! “. It’s been scientifically proven that both roommates will never ever share the same vice, and your clean and fragrant clothes will automatically begin to turn yellow and you will start to research the dangers of passive smoking … to … well, just to be able to complain about that bastard of a smoker who rooms with you.
The Kleptomaniac
Magically your socks will materialize in their drawer, you’ll see them come home peacefully with your favorite shirt apologizing with phrases like: ” I thought it was mine! “,” You never use it! “,”It looks better on me”. Avid collector of ashtrays and coasters of any cafe/pub/wherever  in town! Pointless to leave any food around the house, for the the fridge is their kingdom, and everything you put into it will be devoured mercilessly! Not counting the €2 that you had CLEARLY left on the kitchen table, and that has now magically disappeared!
The Hoarder
Much like the Klepto, this is one roommate you do not wish to encounter. He will go on “trips” around town, and come home with rubbish found in skips, trash cans and random dark alleys, and present you with the loot as if it was gold. The stuff he’ll inevitably bring home will quickly start accumulating and you won’t even be able to recall what the floor looked like before he moved in. 
The Filthy one
If it was up to him he would dine on the pile of stagnant dinner plates dating back to last Christmas, he has yet to realise that the shower is not a hair display cabinet and that food use by dates have not been put there at random. This roommate feels right at home among piles of dirty laundry, toppling bags of trash, and take out boxes that haven’t been moved from under his bed in weeks. For this type of roommate there are no limits, and it’s pointless to explain to him that the red toothbrush is yours. You’ll end up believing that before moving in with you he roomed with Tarzan. 
The Lazy one
If fate has chosen for you this kind of “roomie”, you will be condemned to a catacomb-like life, where your companions of adventures will be darkness and solemn silence. On the snooze button of his alarm clock, you can notice a dent caused by the fateful countless “5 more minutes, I swear.” Of course you’ll have to suffer the concert of his cursed alarm tone for hours without blinking or saying a word, so as not to pass as the pain in the ass of the house.





Extra fashion: Fashion or intelligence test?

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I recently watched a documentary on Scientology, because I was bored wanted to understand a bit more about the dissolute life of Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Co. and also understand why someone might decide to entrust thousands or even millions or dollars to a sect that promises to put your spirit in contact with a parallel universe and whose founder was a science fiction author. (In practice I wanted to empathise with Katie Holmes who left Tom precisely because of Scientology, and who now demands a little more money from him for Suri, because $30,000  a month clearly is no longer enough. Definitively.)
I’m mentioning this documentary because I can’t forget the tale of one of these scientology members, who happened to have reached level OT 3, also known as the Wall of Fire, and was therefore worthy of being made aware of an important truth. He was told that, due to a curse by Xenu, our problems are caused by the spirits of aliens who were cast from a spaceship into a volcano millions and millions of years ago: these spirits take possession of us at birth, and we carry them with us through life in the form of disturbances and psychic issues and dramas. 
The slightly appalled adept wondered if the story was an intelligence test, and when he realised they were serious and truly believed the Xenu story, he thought that perhaps it was time to get the hell out. 
All this to say that, after seeing these amazing items, I asked myself the same question: is it an intelligence test, is it Xenus wardrobe or is Jeremy Scott just taking the piss? 
If you wanted to buy everything in the above picture it would amount to a total of €13.804 (well spent). And in detail: 
✌ Fur Just FUR you by Moschino € 4,745
✌ Headphones Dolce & Gabbana € 4,950
✌ Platform Boots  by Alexander Wang € 1,305
✌ T-shirt with sequins by  Ashish € 2,565
✌ Tank Top by Moschino € 239
I’m also thinking it’s time to leave.